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Epar Bangla Opar Bangla: Bangla Across Borders! Academic License

Epar Bangla Opar Bangla: Bangla Across Borders! is a project of the University of Washington, Language Learning Center ("UW") which received funding from several sources over the development of the Materials , including: (2005/2006), U.S Department of Education, South Asian Language Resource Center (SALRC ) Grants 24918/P229A060009 and Grant 32659-B/P229A060009; (2007/2010) U.S. Department of Education Grant A017P070078-09; U.S. Department of Education, International Research Studies Grant P015A060071; the University of Washington International Studies National Resource Center; and, at the end of the Project in 2010/2011), the University of Washington South Asian Center provided funding for the pre-publication formatting and design.

UW desires to make the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla available in furtherance of its public interest mission by offering the Materials for use in teaching, learning, or research in Bangla by individuals ("You/Your").

Epar Bangla Opar Bangla individual chapters from the textbook and workbook ("Materials") are made available through via download from the project website for your personal educational and research use. The Project website is sponsored and maintained by University of Washington Language Learning Center.

Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials are the intellectual property of UW and protected by copyright laws and international treaties and this license agreement ("Agreement"), which contains the terms and conditions that pertain to Your use of the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials. You have no rights to the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials except for those rights granted under this Agreement. UW reserves all rights not expressly granted to You under this Agreement.

UW grants a non-exclusive of the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials for the term of the copyright, on the following conditions:

  1. Access to the Materials is for You and students and employees of Your Institution ("Institutional Users").
  2. Access to the Materials remains at Your Institution and is not published, distributed, or otherwise transferred or made available to other than Institutional Users involved in education, research and training under Your supervision at Your Institution.
  3. If You wish to obtain access or to copy, distribute, perform/display or sub-license the Materials for any commercial purposes, including fee-based service projects, You will need to execute a separate licensing agreement with the University of Washington and pay a fee. In that case please contact:
  4. You retain in the Materials copyright, trademark, or other notices pertaining to the Materials as provided by UW.
  5. Use of the identifiers "University of Washington," or "UW," or "Epar Bangla Opar Bangla" or "Bangla Across Borders", is only permitted to acknowledge UW ownership, authorship, and the development of the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials. Any other use of the identifiers requires the prior written approval of UW by contacting
  6. You agree to acknowledge the contribution Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials make to Your research or Your activity that results from the use of the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials and cite appropriate references about the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials in Your publications. Please cite the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla material as: "Epar Bangla Opar Bangla: Copyright © 2011 University of Washington. All Rights Reserved."
  7. You agree that UW retains the sole discretion for all decisions related to the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials, including content, format, composition, modifications and improvements to the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials. If you obtain rights under copyright, trademark or patent protection for any modification or improvement to the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials, You agree not to allege or enjoin infringement of your rights by the UW or by any of UW's licensees obtaining modifications or improvements to the Epar Bangla Opar Bangla Materials from UW.
  8. Any risk associated with using the Materials at Your institution is with You and Your institution. The Materials are experimental in nature and are made available as an educational and research courtesy "AS IS," without obligation by UW to provide accompanying services or support.
  9. UW is an agency of the state of Washington and is subject to the Washington State Public Records Act, RCW 42.56 et seq., ("Act"), and no obligation assumed by UW under this Agreement shall be deemed to be inconsistent with UW's obligations as defined under the Act and as interpreted by UW in its sole discretion. No provision of this agreement, express or implied, confers upon any person other than the You and UW any rights, remedies, obligations, or liabilities hereunder.


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