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SeqHelp allows experimental biologists to perform several analyses simultaneously with a hypertext browser and coordinates internet data access and analysis. SeqHelp provides an integrated approach to data analysis both in the laboratory and remotely over the internet by:

  • Organizing information pertinent to molecular sequence analysis
  • Collecting relevant database search results
  • Identifying certain information with respect to a sequence
  • Generating hypertext files resulting in web pages

With SeqHelp, scientists can instantly study identified features of their data, and other relevant information at remote databases and libraries to which they have access. Researchers can then use this information to plan their next experimental steps. Results can be applied to positional cloning, multiple sequence alignment, mutation analysis, identification of individual sequences from a population, and other projects.

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SeqHelp is one of the many software programs and tools created at the University of Washington available through our Express Licensing Program. These agreements have standard terms and conditions that allow for rapid licensing by companies, organizations, or individuals.


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