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Resident Database for Clinical Pathology Resident Education

Resident Database for Clinical Pathology Resident Education is a software tool that creates a knowledgebase of calls clinical pathology residents take while on-call. The knowledgebase can be used to document and evaluate resident competency and simplifies consultations with fellow clinicians, improving patient care and laboratory service and contributes to educating proficient physicians.

The UW system runs on a Windows 2000 Server with Microsoft Access database queried via the Open Database Connectivity protocol. Active server pages are used to generate HTML tagged pages for remote clients and HTML forms are used to enter data. Residents have accessed the system from common Internet browsers on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

More information can be found in a paper the development team published in the journal Clinical Chemistry.

Hoofnagle AN, Chou D, Astion ML. (2006). Online Database for Documenting Clinical Pathology Resident Education. Clinical Chemistry, 52: in press.

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