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Professional Growth Planning System

The PGPS engages users in an extensive process of rigorous self-assessment of their professional growth. Classroom teachers, school principals or assistant principals, and central office staff among others may find this tool useful for:

  1. Systematically documenting and reflecting on their own strengths and areas for growth;
  2. Generating information about their professional capacity to inform their own and others’ choices about professional development; and
  3. Actively planning for sustained growth in areas of their practice that will help them achieve their systems’s long-term goals.

As part of the PGPS, users reflect on their own capacity relative to performance standards, systematically plan to collect evidence of their progress along those standards, collect that evidence over time, and actually use that information to inform their further self-assessment and growth planning.

Licensing Information

Professional Growth Planning System is one of the many software programs and tools created at the University of Washington available through our Express Licensing Program. These agreements have standard terms and conditions that allow for rapid licensing by companies, organizations, or individuals.

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