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PEARLS Online Course

The PEARLS Online Course provides a general introduction to the key elements of the PEARLS intervention. This online teaching experience provides didactic instruction in an engaging audio/visual format, and is combined with demonstration videos and periodic quizzes to help consolidate a trainee’s learning. This 5-module course covers:

  • Overview of PEARLS: collaborative care approach, 4 elements of intervention, research studies supporting the efficacy of PEARLS
  • Introducing PEARLS to a Client: explaining the structure of the work, reviewing depression, identifying the principles of the program, explaining the process and what will be done
  • Seven Steps of Problem Solving Treatment (PST): research evidence for PST, detailed explanation of each step
  • Using the PEARLS Worksheet: demonstration of going through each step of PST, review of other elements of PEARLS included on worksheet (social and physical activation and pleasant events scheduling)
  • Psychiatric Case Review: explaining the need for psychiatric case review, exploring alternatives, structuring case reviews, effective case presentations

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