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The Liver Imaging Atlas

The Liver Imaging Atlas is a collection of CT, MR, and ultrasound cases that demonstrate common and uncommon liver pathologies

Each case is categorized by:

1. Morphologic features (e.g. organization or enhancement features of liver pathologies)

2. Diagnostic Category (e.g., neoplasm, infection, etc.)

3. Diagnosis (e.g. via index)

Organization of liver disease by its imaging characteristics is a unique feature of this atlas that can be useful to the radiologist analyzing an unknown liver condition or leison. A search of the atlas performed by selecting specific imaging features will retrieve a list of cases and diagnoses that share imaging features.

Alternatively, performing a search of the atlas by diagnosis or by diagnostic category will retrieve cases to illustrate the spectrum of imaging features within a specific diagnosis or diagnostic category.

The information obtained from such searches will help a radiologist analyze an unknown liver lesion and construct an image-based differential diagnosis.

A quiz mode at different levels of difficulty allows users to test themselves as others.

Bookmark and email function are designed to help organizing and sharing content by users preference.

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The Liver Imaging Atlas is one of the many software programs and tools created at the University of Washington available through our Express Licensing Program. These agreements have standard terms and conditions that allow for rapid licensing by companies, organizations, or individuals.

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