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Girls Only Active Learning (GOAL)

The Girls Only Active Learning (GOAL) program is a substance abuse and delinquency prevention program for girls that uses a cognitive-behavioral and healthy relationships framework. The program is divided into 20 individual 90-minute sessions delivered in a group setting. The GOAL Manual describes the content of each individual session (along with supplemental activity materials), and provides guidance to GOAL facilitators on how to effectively conduct each session.

The GOAL program was created and tested through a collaboration with the University of Washington and court and community agencies from counties throughout Washington State. GOAL grew from a concern that co-educational programs for youth at higher risk of substance use and delinquency were not sufficiently responsive for adolescent girls. GOAL combines effective approaches for reducing risky behaviors with research on girl-specific development and needs.

Co-creators of GOAL include Dr. Sarah Cusworth Walker (Faculty, UW Psychiatry), Chris Hayes (WSART quality assurance manager), Dr. Lucy Berliner (Director, Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Trauma), and Dr. Mylien Duong (Faculty and DBT Therapist, UW Psychiatry).

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