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Blast2tree 1.0 assists in the identification of DNA sequences from microorganisms by sending automated queries to the NCBI BLAST and GenBank databases.

In response to a sequence query, the BLAST server returns a set of similar sequences; additional information, including sequence origin and bibliographic information is retrieved from GenBank. Results from both queries are aggregated and stored for subsequent analysis. The user can then select a subset of sequences to display in a spreadsheet and include in a multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree. Sequences may be filtered based on name, number of ambiguities, presence of a corresponding peer reviewed publication, length, etc. Intended for use by medical technologists, the software is now part of the daily workflow fro the sequence-based identification of bacteria and fungi in the clinical laboratory.

Other software not available from the University of Washington that works with Blast2tree 1.0:

Clustalw is used to generate sequence alignments and phylogenetic trees.Thompson, J.D., Higgins, D.G. and Goibson, T.J. (1994) CLUSTAL W: improving the sensitivity of progressive multiple sequence alighmnets through sequence weighting, position specific gap penalties and weight matrix choice. Nucl. Acids Res. 22:4673-4680.

ReportLab Toolkit python package is used to generate pdf output.

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